Villa Munch

Experience Edvard Munch’s Villa and World at Hvitsten near Oslo.

The lengthy and meticulous restoration of Edvard Munch’s villa is now complete, and we are ready to welcome our distinguished guests.

A unique experience awaits, where renowned artist Edvard Munch lived and worked from 1910 to 1944. Edvard Munch painted many of his colourful, later masterpieces at Ramme, including an extensive series of large and monumental works for the auditorium of the University of Oslo.

To enter Munch’s home is also to step into his world and we hope our guests will experience the same peace of mind he did here.

Villa Munch is nestled in the beautiful and secluded landscape by the Oslo Fjord at Hvitsten. The Villa is reached via a long and steep dirt road bordered by deciduous and coniferous trees. The lane ends at the water’s edge and you have arrived at Villa Munch. The house sits on the embankment up the hill from the cul-de-sac. The house is surrounded by a newly planted apple orchard and old pear tree from Munch’s time.

There is a small formal garden, an apple orchard, a paddock, a beach, a cove, a rocky promontory,and a glen with a pine grove. The view to the south opens up to an expanse of the horizon.

Guests may arrive here by car, boat or by air.

The villa’s facilities include: 4 double bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen, and a glass enclosed porch. The garden offers a gorgeous patio with a view of the Oslo Fjord.

Our prices include full board, and guests may choose where they would like to enjoy their meals: In the villa, at our beautiful Ramme Fjord Hotel, or in the magnificent Havlyst Gardens.

Some special amenities we offer guests in Munch’s villa:

  • 24/7 service
  • Organic food and drinks
  • Private chef and sommelier
  • Private chauffeur
  • Childcare services

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