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Mal med Munch, en nydelig opplevelse for grupper.
Korshaven i Havlyst klar til selskap.

How about inviting your colleagues or group of friends on a tour? We welcome groups with advance booking every day.

Group Experiences and Activities at Ramme

Paint with Munch: Tiny painting workshop, serving beverages of your choice.

This is a creative and fun activity that can strengthen the ability to collaborate and the sense of group identity. A local artist provides a useful and inspiring introduction to the choice of motif, composition, and colour wheel.

Duration: 2 hours | NOK 850,- per person | Minimum 10 participants / Minimum price NOK 8500,-

The Carriage Collection: Historic carriages and sleds from a wide range in era and country of origin.

Enjoy an aperitif as we tell exciting stories about Marie Antoinette’s lover, Axel von Fersen, and royal ceremonies in Java, all related to the carriages. The oldest sledges in the collection are two baroque shell sledges from the Netherlands from around 1650. There is a wide selection of carriages and sleds, from Norway to China.

Duration: 1 hour | NOK 345,- per person | Minimum 15 participants / Minimum price NOK 5175,-

Havlyst Wandering

Join us on a walk in an extraordinary landscape and step into an enchanted reality. In the park you will find elements from different eras and cultures. From archetypal Norwegian elements to the more exotic; flower avenue, herb garden, fruit and rose groves, meadows, and arboretum. Everything is taken care of by our dedicated staff who work all year round to bring out the best nature has to offer in all seasons. The park has art that spans the entire period from antiquity to our own time, with emphasis on classical figurative art, and garden art. April–September 2023

Duration: 1.5 hours | NOK 395,- per person | Minimum 10 participants / Minimum price NOK 3950,-

The History of Ramme

Start the day with the story of the enchanting Ramme. One of the guides from Rammestiftelsen will talk about the time Petter Olsen took over the farm in 1966, and the whole story up to where we are today. Lille Hvitsten and Ramme were also Edvard Munch’s recreational places. How do these stories intersect? You will hear the answers to this during the history session. A strange and inspiring story that is completely out of the ordinary.

Duration: 1 hour | Fixed price NOK 1950,-

Munch at Ramme

Edvard Munch bought the property Nedre Ramme in 1910 and kept it until his death in 1944. We share plenty of interesting stories from his time down at the idyllic Nedre Ramme and spot the landscapes he used to create his vitalist artworks, with nature and people painted in vibrant colours. The tour starts outdoors in rugged terrain and ends at Ramme Art Gallery.

Duration: 100 minutes | NOK 495,- per person | Minimum 10 participants / Minimum price NOK 4950,-

Art and Architecture Walk: Get to Know Ramme’s Architecture

Join us on a historical journey through the many styles of Ramme architecture. We start the walk outdoors, and our guide talks about the origins of Ramme Farm, the different architectural styles, as well as the art and interiors in parts of the hotel and gallery’s common rooms. Be impressed by several buildings and technical details, with aesthetic and contemporary design!

Duration: 1 hour | NOK 310,- per person | Minimum 15 participants / Minimum price NOK 4650,-

Guided Tour of Ramme Art Gallery

Welcome to an exhibition of art, inspired by and created in Hvitsten. Almost everyone from the heyday of Norwegian art was here, worked here and lived an artistic life here—Edvard Munch, Christian Krogh, Frits Thaulow, Oscar Wergeland, Hans Gude, and Theodor Kittelsen, to name just a few. The exhibition Munch by the Fjord shows summer motifs and workers around Hvitsten from Petter Olsen’s own collection. All images in the gallery are original paintings.

Duration: 45 minutes | NOK 395,- per person | Minimum 10 participants / Minimum price NOK 3950,-

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Torchlight Wandering in the Havlyst Gardens

The Havlyst Gardens is magnificent and unparalleled during the summer months, but have you seen it in its winter hue? With the park lit up by torch light, our guides will lead the group on an illuminated walk in the enchanting Havlyst Gardens. On the way past swans, temples, and mystical nature, there will also be time for storytelling, activating the senses and experiencing sheer wonderment around the fire pit.

Duration: 1 hour | NOK 310,- per person | Minimum 15 participants / Minimum price NOK 4650,-

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