Ramme Café and Farm Shop

Universet, kafé og gårdsbutikk. Foto: Morten Uglum/Aftenposten/NTB, 2022

At the entrance to Ramme, in a large and bright greenhouse—combined with brick buildings and bell tower, you will find Ramme Café and Farm shop.

In our green oasis, you can decompress from your busy life and relax—alone, in the company of others, or with a good book.

We have been producing tasty, organic vegetables since 1986. In the Farm Shop, you can buy these local treats to take home. Among our tasty goods on offer, we stock Ramme’s own Edvard Munch juices and jams, canned vegetables, colourful eggs from the farm’s wide selection of chicken breeds, as well as a good selection of organic meat from woolly pigs (Mangalitsa pig), Telemark cattle, and traditional Old Norwegian Spæl Sheep (short tail landrace sheep).

There are also plenty of beautiful clothes and practical interior items, as well as a selection of wellness products. And a special collection with signature items of various kinds that can only be found here at Ramme, such as an exquisite carrot soap with marigold and other wonderful fragrances.



Ramme Farm Visitor Centre

At our Visitor Centre you get to meet the animals, learn about how they live and what organic animal husbandry is. Sustainability and animal welfare are central to the running of the farm.