The Carriage Collection

Vognsamlingen på Ramme.

Welcome to a journey back in time: experience a collection of historic horse-drawn carriages and sleds, spanning a wide range of eras and countries of origin.

The oldest sledges in the collection are two baroque shell sledges from the Netherlands from around 1650. There is also a wide selection of carriages and sledges from Norway, Sweden, Netherlands, Germany, Russia, Great Britain, France, Sicily, Spain, USA, Indonesia, and China. The main part of the collection is from the time around 1900, but several are from the 1700s and mid-1800s.

The collection contains several English carriages, including a London city omnibus from around 1900, with passenger seats on two floors, and with original painted advertising. Other artefacts include a Wells Fargo Concord Coach (U.S. Mail) from the United States dated to 1865. This carriage was used as a passenger and mail carriage on the prairies.

There are several Asian carriages in the collection, including a distinctive ceremonial carriage from Java, Indonesia from 1650. This one has a special design with an enclosure shaped like a fantastic beast, with two large wings on the sides that can be folded out. The carriage was used during the production of The Fairy Queen with Gisken Armand at the Ramme Shakespeare Festival in 2008 and 2011.

We exhibit relics and treasures that have not been displayed in Norway before, and this is probably the country’s largest and most comprehensive carriage collection available to the public.

Guided Tour of the Carriage Collection

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