Welcome to Ramme, an enchanted reality!

Ramme is a place for recreation and inspiration, in rural and historic surroundings, between the fjord and the forests, 30 minutes south of Oslo.

Walk in the footsteps of Edvard Munch, see the coastal landscape that inspired him, visit Munch’s villa, and get powerful impressions at Ramme Art Gallery.

Opening Hours

Ramme café and farm shop

Saturday–Sunday, 11:00–17:00

Ramme tavern and restaurant

Lunch, Monday–Sunday, 12–16

Dinner, Monday–Saturday, 18–21:30

Until Easter, open only by advance booking. Contact us by phone +47 64 98 32 01 or post@rammefjordhotell.no

Ramme Art Gallery

From May 4th.  Private tours available when staying at the hotel.

The Havlyst garden

From May 4th. Private tours available when staying at the hotel.


Originalt svart hvitt foto av Edvard Munch på Ramme gård.


Meet the vitalist Edvard Munch at Ramme

Get to know better the life our greatest painter lived at Ramme, and see his original art in Ramme Art Gallery.


Edv. Munch at Ramme, featuring works on paper

Art and nature

Discover the enchanting Havlyst Garden

Walking in a garden is like walking in culture, philosophy, architecture, music and painting, and the Havlyst garden is no exception.

Deluxe rom, Ramme fjordhotell, fra nettsiden Ramme Fjordhotell.


Spend the night at our Art Hotel

Live like a bohemian, eat like a king and sleep like an angel in our art hotel with a historical buzz, where every single room is uniquely decorated with antiques. Great experiences await you right outside the door.