Edvard Munch’s villa at Nedre Ramme is now fully renovated and restored to its original glory!

Edvard Munch bought the property Nedre Ramme in 1910 and kept it until his death in 1944.

At Nedre Ramme we have created a historical environment inspired by Munch’s time. His villa, built in French chateau style, and grounds, have been renovated and now appear in newfound splendour.

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At Nedre Ramme we have established the culture trail In Munch’s Footsteps, where you can wander through Munch’s own landscape and see reproductions of his art in the locations where he found the motifs. The culture trail’s main plaque provides information about Munch’s life and work at the site. You will also find relevant artworks and photographs. There is a map of the area showing the trail, its location, and signage.

Along the path you will find eight plaques with photographs and reproductions of Munch’s artwork. These plaques show selected works and photographs from Munch’s time at Ramme. They are placed in the relevant areas of the terrain.

You can find out more about Edvard Munch at Ramme, the artworks he made here, his life, and models at our exhibitions in Ramme Art Gallery, or you can join the Munch Meandering.

The culture trail runs along the fjord to the west. The trail has been adapted, with set stones and markings. At the start of the trail you will find a plaque with information about the artist’s life and work at the site. Plaques with reproductions of Munch’s works have been placed at pertinent points along the path. In Munch’s Footsteps has been realised with funds from the Savings Bank Foundation DNB and in collaboration with Vestby municipality.

To book a private tour with a guide, contact us at post@ramme.no or phone 64 98 32 00.


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Maleriet Bølger av Edvard Munch


Edvard Munch at Ramme

This is where Munch came to emphasize natural surroundings and create works of art in a vitalist style: His motifs became lush and vibrant, depicting nature and people in bright colours.

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Foto av middag fra Ramme kro og restaurant.


Munch on the Menu

At Ramme Tavern and Restaurant, the route from farm to fork is short and sweet. The ingredients grow right outside the door. The chefs have Edvard Munch in mind when composing their dishes. Here, meat is an ingredient, not the main component.

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Originalt svart hvitt foto av Edvard Munch på Ramme gård.

guided tour

Edvard Munch’s World of Colours

Join us on a historical journey through the cultural landscape to Øvre and Nedre Ramme, experiencing the area through Munch’s eyes.

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