The Havlyst garden

The Havlyst Garden is an enchanting garden and a unique park area, located overlooking the fjord.

The garden is a portal into an enchanted reality where you will find everything from the archetypal Norwegian to the more exotic: an avenue of flowers, herb garden, fruit and rose groves, meadows, and arboretum.

Everything is taken care of by our dedicated staff who work all year round to bring out the best nature has to offer, in all seasons.

The garden also contains sculptures ranging from ancient times, representing mythology and classicism through to our contemporary era. Here you can experience works by artists such as Frans and Nico Widerberg, Peter Linde, Marian Heyerdahl, and Per Ung.

Adventures in The Havlyst Garden

Fontene og roser i Havlyst.

Guided tours

Havlyst Wandering with Guide

Join us for a walk in an extraordinary landscape. Step into an enchanted reality and let our guides entertain you with stories you would never discover on your own.

Mot Oraklet i Havlyst, med svaner.

Guided tours

Havlyst Wandering with Gardener

Every Thursday you can join gardener Odd on a guided tour of the beautiful Havlyst Garden. He can help you spot plants you wouldn’t otherwise see, and you can learn a little about their names and where they come from. You’re sure to get tips for your own garden, too.

Korshaven i Havlyst.


Havlyst on your own

If you would like to explore the Havlyst Garden on your own and at your own pace, you can purchase the Ramme Ticket.

Renting the Havlyst Garden?

The Havlyst Garden is suitable for events, small and large parties, as well as concerts and theatre performances.

The Cross Garden and the Palais Garden are in close proximity to the stage. This is a unique arena for parties and gatherings:

Facilities are available for larger and smaller groups for dining and entertainment.

In the Cross Garden you can be seated at long tables in the pear tree grove (seating 12) and small tables in the rose grove (seating 20). Indoors, in the Orangery, there is a fireplace and long tables (seating 14).

The terrace in the Palais Garden above has a capacity of 200 seated at round tables. The Palais can offer long tables (seating 14), a fireplace, including all amenities. It can be used all year round and is the sunniest area in the park.