Munch wandering with guide

Originalt svart hvitt foto av Edvard Munch på Ramme gård.

Join us on a historic journey through the cultural landscape of Øvre and Nedre Ramme, and experience the area through Munch’s eyes.

We walk from Ramme, through Havlystparken, to Munch’s estate Nedre Ramme. Here we follow the cultural trail In Munch’s footsteps, which shows us the artist’s motifs in his landscape.

At Ramme, Munch both lived and created in the spirit of vitalism. Here he worked on the motifs for the University of Oslo’s Aula, and other motifs full of life and colour. Munch himself, his friends and others are the sources of the stories you will hear here.

You can see and learn more about several of Munch’s original works in Ramme billedgalleri, where the tour ends.

The tour gives you good knowledge about art, Edvard Munch and his close connection to the place. Our knowledgeable mediators will adapt the tour to the group’s interests and needs.


Munch wandering take place on Saturdays and Sundays at 2pm and last 100 minutes. This includes Ramme Art Gallery